CED Study: Quantitative Skills in High Demand

What’s at the top of the list of hard-to-hire skills in the latest report from the Committee for Economic Development?  Quantitative ability.  Here’s the chart:

bar graph

The Johns Hopkins Data Science Specialization offered by Coursera is a great place to develop valuable quantitative skills. Starting October 5, 2015, you can take it with a face-to-face class in Durham, NC.  The sequence of short courses has no prerequisites, though a little acquaintance with programming makes it easier.  The courses step you through downloading the R language and learning to write programs in it.  Then you learn to “clean” and analyze data, make statistical inferences, ask interesting questions, and generate accurate, meaningful answers.
Join us for Thursday evening class meetings to work your way through the first course! Information Session Thursday, 10/1 at 7 pm; first class Thursday 18/8.

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